• My glazing problem

    We had our back door smash when the wind took it and slammed it shut, glass cracked and a security hazard, all in one simple gust of wind that went through the house. I had never realized the implications of a broken door before, guess i had never thought of it, but it is an immediate security problem, once the glass is broken,

    We needed a glazier quick as this was an emergency glass replacement job.

    We found isligtonglass247.co.uk on google after a good friend recommended them, so we did a search for local emergency glazier’s and there they were, quite high on google, but importantly recommended by a friend.

    It is great to have a recommendation and a good local glazier, they came round the same day as we called and replaced the door, job done.

    Lessons learned;

    1. Don’t let a gust of wind blow through the house – not easy
    2. Be aware of your local glazier
    3. Or have useful friends


  • Teeth are the best thing ever

    I love my teeth, they look great and no issues. I have lived abroad and in Canada they go nuts over your teeth, so over the top dental work, that isn’t really necessary. Where in the UK, it does seem a lot more laid back.

    In the UK people from other countries say the Brits have bad teeth, which I think is a bit cheeky. But if you look around the UK, maybe they have a point.

    Teeth are so important an need to be looked after or there will be disease happening and once that is set in, it is very difficult to get rid of. So always clean your teeth at least twice a day.

  • Benefits of teeth whitening

    Our teeth do a lot of heavy work day after day as they’re the first line of contact with any food or liquid that goes into our mouths. With time, stains and tartar begin to pile up despite having a healthy habit of brushing your teeth often. Stains from coffee, wine, cigarettes and other tobacco products are the hardest to remove from teeth and with time, our smile deteriorates drastically.

    Avoiding to take care of teeth stains doesn’t only makes your mouth look sick and nasty but it also affects the health of your gums and your enamel. The longer you let stains linger on your enamel, the harder they are to remove and more damage they can cause.

    Your buccal health is the most important and biggest benefit of teeth whitening and annual checkups with your dentist.

    Having a pearly white smile is also one of the benefits of teeth whitening and it’s not so much about having a picture perfect smile but what it says about you and your hygiene. This is especially true for those whose career depends on their smile. If you’re a model, a sales rep, a receptionist, someone who’s constantly working with public or smiling for the camera, you need to take care of your teeth regularly.

    As we’ve mentioned before: “Stains from coffee, wine, cigarettes and other tobacco products are the hardest to remove from teeth and with time, our smile deteriorates drastically.” Therefore, coffee, wine and cigarettes lovers benefit from teeth whitening.

    We’re not going to talk about whether or not your practices are healthy but, they do leave detrimental effects on your teeth and your enamel and you need to deal with them accordingly. Aside from doing a teeth whitening with your dentist or purchasing a kit, you can also pick up the habit of using protective toothpaste to avoid enamel decay.

    Enamel decay can result on your teeth becoming overly sensitive to drastic changes of temperature (eating really hot or really cold foods), getting caries more often and risk having your dental nerves exposed. Whitening your teeth leads to a protected and safe enamel



  • Teeth and keeping them healthy


    Your teeth are so important for so many reasons, not just to look good and healthy and give a great first impression, which in itself is reason enough to keep your teeth white and your gums and mouth healthy. But also to avoid gum disease, toothache, bad breath and lots of other issues related to teeth and gums.

    As ever in popular culture I am going for the the list of top 10 tips to help you at least think about what can be done to keep those lovely teeth whiter than ever.

    1. Fluoride  – is so important for our teeth, it helps avoid decay as it strengthens the tooth enamel. Add fluoride to the water you drink, use a fluoride toothpaste or a fluoride mouth wash. But also be careful and don’t overdo fluoride with children.
    2. Brushing your teeth is essential and must be done twice a day, gum disease and tooth decay are big issues for everyone. 3 quarters of teenagers have bleeding gums.
    3. Floss your teeth daily, this gets rid of food matter that remains on your teeth and builds up causing issues.
    4. Toothbrushes need to be replaced every 3 months.
    5. People with braces need different tooth brushes and special tools to keep their teeth clean.
    6. Electric toothbrushes are a great idea, they give you a more even and thorough clean in the same time as manually brushing your teeth and therefore keeps teeth cleaner in the same amount of time.
    7. Chew sugar free gum after eating, this increases saliva which helps to wash bacteria away and helps with acid also.
    8. Antibacterial mouth wash is another great idea as it prevents the decay and gum issues by dealing with bacteria.
    9. Don’t smoke, it will not only do you great harm but is terrible for teeth as it can cause gum disease on its own and cancer of the mouth. And also it is a disgusting habit.
    10. Eat the right food and drink the right drinks, avoid sugary food and drinks


  • My blog on teeth

    teeth mouth strawberry

    Welcome to my blog on teeth, always had a fascination with teeth, so thought I would write a blog on them…

    I hope you enjoy my teeth or tooth musings, I cannot guarantee Shakespeare but it will be fun, colourful and interesting for sure, I guarantee. Teeth are so important to us as humans that we have to look after them all the time or they will fall out and we have to go to a form of false teeth, which is not good. These false teeth are better today than years ago but it still isn’t a good look.

    So read on sweet prince and princesses…